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Workday HR: Personal Information

Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Change Business Title Faculty Learn how to request a change of business title. Employee
Change Contact Information, Including Mailing Address Learn how to access contact information, edit mailing address, edit phone, edit home email address, and more. Employee N/A
Change Emergency Contacts Learn how to access emergency contacts, add/edit primary emergency contact, and more. Employee
Change Legal Name Learn how to initiate a Legal Name Change. The "Legal Name" must match the name on your Social Security card. Employee
Change Preferred Name Learn how to initiate a Preferred Name Change. Unlike your "Legal Name," your "Preferred Name" does not have to match a supporting document, but will still require approval. Employee
Manage Certifications and Licenses Learn how to view/add/edit/remove certification(s). Employee
Manage Education Learn how to view/add/edit/remove education. Employee
Update Your Mailing Address Learn how to ensure that your Mailing Address is correct. Student employees that do not have direct deposit will have printed paychecks mailed to them. By default, if you have not selected a mailing address in the system, paychecks will be sent to your Permanent Address. Employee N/A
View and Update Personal Information Learn how to view/edit your personal information, change gender information (contact HR), change marital status, change ethnicity, change citizenship status, and more. Employee N/A