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Workday HR: Human Resources

Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Add/End Additional Job(s) - Staff/Faculty Learn how to add additional job, complete "Change Organization Assignments" step, complete "Add Period Activity Pay" step, and more. An additional job refers to work performed outside of the primary job profile and is considered non-primary (replaces overload functionality). Manager, HR Roles N/A
Alternative Work Arrangement This tip sheet will walk you through the process of adding a Telecommuting Agreement to the Worker Profile in Workday. Manager, Employee N/A
Amend Form I-9 This feature allows you to initiate changes required for Section 1, or update Section 2 or Attachments, due to error(s) made during original completion. I-9 Verifier N/A
Change Business Title for Staff Learn how to change the display of a staff member’s business title to a title that describes the responsibilities of the position. HR Roles N/A
Change My Work Space Learn how to edit an employee's work space to reflect the floor and/or room/cubicle for their work address. Employee, Manager, HR Roles N/A
Change Organization Assignments Learn how to change organization assignments for worker, complete the process for Kronos and/or Swipe Clock workers, and change organization assignments on a position. Organization Assignments represent the organizations in Workday to which a worker has been assigned. Manager, HR Roles, Finance Roles N/A
Complete Form I9 Section 2 Learn how to complete section 2 of the Form I-9, complete additional requirements for international Students, complete e-verify photo matching, and more. I-9 Verifier N/A
Complete Form I-9 Section 3 (Reverification) This business process facilitates reverification of List A or List C documents if original employment authorization expired I-9 Verifier N/A
Designating Essential Personnel Learn how to designate an essential worker. A "Designated Essential Worker" is an employee who will work before, during, and/or after an emergency or natural disaster. Manager N/A
Edit Position/Job Learn how to make changes to location, workspace, and more. Manager, HR Roles N/A
Edit Position Restrictions Learn about revising details pertaining to a position, such as organization assignments, job posting title, and default compensation. Manager, HR Roles N/A
Evacuation Management Learn about how to designate an essential worker, add/update emergency contact information (report), and more. This tip sheet contains information that will help you manage your employees at the time of an emergency or evacuation. Manager N/A
Form I-9 – Update Receipts In the absence of presenting certain employment authorization documents, respective receipts may be used as proof that said documents are forthcoming. In Section 2 of the Form I-9, this is noted by checking the box: Document presented is a receipt. This process allows you to update Section 2 once the actual document is presented. I-9 Verifier N/A
Freeze and Close Position Learn how to close, freeze, and/or unfreeze a position. Manager, HR Roles N/A
Hire Faculty Learn how to complete pre-hire record verification, hire employee, change organization assignments, propose compensation, and more. Provides specific instructions for hiring Faculty members in Workday. HR Roles N/A
Hire Staff Learn how to complete pre-hire record verification, hire employee, change organization assignments, propose compensation, and more. Provides specific instructions for hiring Staff members in Workday. HR Roles N/A
Severance Worksheet Learn how to process severance pay for employees receiving monies due to layoff or post-employment payments. HR Partner, HR Business Process Initiator; Central Workplace, Equity and Performance Roles N/A
Switch Primary Job Learn how to initiate switch primary job, and complete "End Additional Job" to do. Switch Primary Job is used when an employee has additional job(s) and their primary job is ending or is no longer primary. Manager, HR Roles N/A
Terminations Learn how to initiate a termination in Workday, end period activity pay, create exit interview, and more. HR Roles N/A
View Employee Detail Report Learn about this report, which provides a detailed listing of various attributes at the employee level, including a prompt which allows you to select your own top level organization or include subordinates to view indirect supervisory organizations. Manager, HR Roles N/A