Workday HR: eRecruiting

Business Process/Task Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial

Configure Worklets

Learn how to configure your worklets and configure your "Favorites" worklet. Employee

Apply for a Job

Learn how to apply for a faculty position using the Career worklet. Employee N/A

Create/Close Job Requisition for Faculty

Learn how to initiate the Create Job Requisition business process, which launches the recruitment effort to fill Faculty positions, and close a Job Requisition.

HR Roles


Assign Roles

Learn how to assign additional Business Process roles to a Job Requisition, including Search Committee member, Search Committee Chair, and additional Primary Recruiters. Primary Recruiter, Recruiter N/A

Manage Prospects

Learn how to create, edit, inactivate, or reactivate Prospects, as well as how to invite them to apply or create a job application on their behalf. Manager, HR Roles, eRecruiting Roles N/A

Manage Candidate Pool

Learn how to disposition candidates, send the Candidate Pool for approval, assign interviewers, complete the Offer Compensation step, and edit a Candidate’s job application. Primary Recruiter, Recruiter N/A

Generate Offer Letter

Learn how to generate an Offer Letter for Gables/RSMAS or Medical campus, as well as how to access a finalized Offer Letter from a Candidate’s profile screen. Primary Recruiter, Recruiter N/A

Approve Candidate Pool

Learn how to view a job requisition’s Candidate Demographic Summary report and approve the Candidate Pool prior to the start of interviewing. Dean, Chair N/A

Rate Candidates

Learn how to rate candidates during the Review and Screen stages of the recruiting effort in order to narrow the Candidate Pool to be interviewed. Search Committee member, Search Committee Chair N/A
Rate Candidate Interview Learn how to log into Workday to rate candidates after you have interviewed them. Interviewer N/A