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Workday HR: Compensation

Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
Manage Period Activity Pay Assignments Learn how to complete as a sub process, initiate as a standalone, end period activity, and more. Activity Pay is the Workday functionality that allows you to pay for activity-based or time constrained activities. Manager, HR Roles, Finance Roles N/A

Pay Changes
for Student Employees

Learn about Student employee compensation changes for hourly Student employees (UM Student Assistant, Federal Work Study, Miami Commitment), and monthly Student employees (Graduate Assistant or Bi-Weekly Stipend). Manager, HR Roles, Finance Roles N/A
Request Compensation Change Learn how to request default compensation changes, request compensation change, and complete the "Review Documents" step. Request Compensation Change is comprised of two business processes. It requires changing the budgeted amount on the position prior to making the request for the employee. Manager, HR Roles N/A
Request One-Time Payment Learn how to initiate a one-time payment, complete the "Payment Details," and more. One-time payments compensate employees for additional services outside of their primary job function, such as awards, bonuses, and other lump sum payments. Manager, HR Roles N/A
View Compensation History Learn how to access this report, which lists compensation changes made for employees as a result of compensation events, bonus, and one-time payments, as well as compensation history (all past and present positions), one-time payment (for organization), and more. Manager, HR Roles N/A