Workday HR: Entering Time

Business Process Description Audience Tip Sheet Tutorial
UM Kronos: View, Enter, and Correct Employee Timecard Learn how to reconcile timecards, correct missed punches, update work rules, float hours to new legacy values, add and update pay code entries, and move holiday pay. This tip sheet also provides a timecard overview. Timekeeper N/A
UM Kronos: Review and Approve Employee Timecard Learn how to review and approve employees’ timecards as well as remove approvals and reconcile timecard hospital. Timekeeper N/A
UM Kronos: Disaster Pay Learn about who is eligible for disaster pay, how to record time using the disaster pay code entries (Disaster Worked, Disaster Pre-Work and Disaster Pay), how to add Shift Differential for Disaster Pay and look up work rules. Timekeeper N/A
UMH Kronos: Time Tracking Guidelines (Disaster) This tip sheet provides UMH Kronos time tracking guidelines during a University-declared emergency or natural disaster (e.g. hurricane). Learn about incremental, storm-related hours and rest time; how to move hours to another cost center, and recording time when estimating in and out punches in case of a disaster. Timekeeper N/A
Approving Kronos Time Sheets UMH Learn how to do the following in KRONOS: locate employee's timecard, approve time, edit and existing time record, and more. Specifically for UMH KRONOS Time Editors. Timekeeper N/A
Additional Time Types Learn about additional time type options, including on call, lunch deduction, call back, shift differential, and more. Certain populations are eligible for additional time types and exceptions. Employee, Manager, Timekeeper N/A
Review And Approve Time Learn about the review and approval of timecards that have been submitted by the employee, including accessing the timecard approval step, changing time to a different legacy value, and more. Timekeeper N/A
Updating Time Entry In Kronos UMH Learn about updating time entry in KRONOS, including select employee, add a punch pair, edit an existing time record, transfer time, move hours, delete single/multiple punch pairs, and more. Specifically for UMH KRONOS Time Editors. Timekeeper N/A
View And Enter Time Learn how to clock in/out for lunch, clock in/out (for the day), view and submit timecard, and more. Employee
View, Enter, and/or Correct Employee Time Card Learn how to change time to a different legacy value, correct time, add time clock event (missed punches), enter multiple time entries at once, substitute holiday, and more. Employee, Manager, Timekeeper N/A

Please note: If you are entering time on a shared computer, when logging out please remember to click "Sign Out" and then close out of the internet browser completely in order for the next person to log in.