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Workday HR: Time Off

What increments can employees use to request time off?
  • Per UM policy, exempt employees can request time off in half-day or full-day increments (4 or 8 hours). Non-exempt employees can request time off in smaller increments as needed. All time off requests will route to the employee’s manager for approval, and managers should deny or send back requests that do not comply with UM policy.

Can I request future time off if I have not yet accrued the hours?

  • In most cases, yes, employees can request future Time Off based on future accrual. However, employees hired less than 180 days ago are not yet eligible to request time off.

Will I receive warning notifications in Workday if excess vacation hours will expire soon?

  • No. Employees will not receive notifications in Workday if their vacation hours will expire soon.

Can an hourly employee cancel a time off request?

  • Yes. If an employee submits a time off request that is approved and later needs to be changed, they can change that time off request using the Correct Time Off business process.

If I request vacation time during/overlapping paid holiday time, will vacation time still be deducted?

  • Yes. Time Off will still be deducted. In the case that an employee requests time off that overlaps with paid holiday time, the Manager should Send Back the request asking that the employee correct it. If the request has already been approved, the employee should update the time off using the Correct Time Off business process.

Can a Manager modify a Time Off request?

  • No. A Manager can send the request back to the employee with comments. The employee will get an Action in their inbox to revise Time Off, and they can click on the “minus” to remove a row or change the hours based on the Manager’s feedback. Once complete, the employee must submit the request again to their manager for approval.

Can a Manager request Time Off for their employees?

  • Yes. Managers can Request Time Off on behalf of their employees.

What do I do if my manager has not responded to an upcoming Time Off Request?

  • If a manager is delayed in approving a time off request, you should contact your manager and ask them to review the request. The required approval will remain in the manager’s inbox until they approve or deny the request.

Can I view my team’s time off in Workday?

  • Employees with the Manager role may view their team’s time off on a weekly basis in Workday.