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Workday HR: Personal Information

Is my personal information secure?

  • Protecting the security and privacy of personal data is a priority for Workday. Their global data protection program is founded on strict policies and procedures regarding access, use, disclosure, and transfer of customer data.

Is personal information, such as home address, degree information, experience, and education visible to other employees?

  • Personal and private information such as home address and degree information will not be visible to other employees.

I have been employed in the same position at the University consistently without a break in service. Why does my Time In Position reflect a shorter period of time?

  • When Workday HR/Payroll went live on March 26, 2015, the previous HR system reset the Time In Position calendar under certain circumstances. For example, the Time In Position calendar was reset for employees who had a change in status from full time to part time (or vice versa), took a leave of absence, and/or were reclassified in their position. Under these circumstances, there is no impact to Continuous Service Date and/or benefits, so it was determined that edits to this field in Workday would not be made.