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Workday HR: Manager Self-Service (MSS)

What is Manager Self-Service (MSS)?

  • Manager Self-Service (MSS) provides managers with job and performance information for their direct reports. Faculty or staff with one or more direct reports will be assigned the role of “manager” in Workday.

What is a Supervisory Organization in Workday?

  • Workday organizes faculty, staff, and student employees into supervisory organizations. A “supervisory organization” is an HR hierarchy led by a “manager” and defines who reports to whom.

How can a manager use delegation in Workday?

  • Delegation allows managers to give another user access to initiate and approve tasks on their behalf in Workday. There are three types of Delegation available in Workday:
    • Business Process Initiation Delegation - Allows users to delegate the ability to initiate selected business processes to another user
    • Inbox Delegation - Allows a user to give access to their entire Workday Inbox (or specific business processes from their Inbox) to an individual for a specified period of time
    • Task Delegation - Allows users to delegate a task that is already awaiting user action in their Inbox
  • It is recommended that Managers should use delegation when out of office for extended periods of time to prevent unnecessary delays of approvals/transactions.